Front Mounted Cylinders (FC)

Hyva designs and manufactures a complete range of telescopic tipping cylinders. With  a reputation for reliability and value for money, Hyva is the world’s leading producer of  tipping cylinders. Exported to over 130 countries globally, the Hyva cylinder is suitable for applications in all conditions. The standard range of Hyva cylinders includes:
  • outer cover and trunnion base (FC cylinders)
  • top eye mount and trunnion base (FE cylinders)
Capable of tipping up to 90 tonnes and with strokes of 11 metres, the Hyva range will accommodate all your tipping needs. Hyva cylinders are designed for maximum loads without sacrificing weight and tipping speed. All Hyva cylinders are designed with longer overlaps and thick wall tube to give greater mechanical strength and therefore higher stability and optimum resistance to side load. For a range of the most common sizes of FC cylinders, download the brochure here.

Well Mount (FE) Cylinders

Hyva is the world’s Nr.1 producer of hydraulic tipping cylinders for the commercial vehicle  industry. Hyva designs and manufactures a complete range of telescopic tipping cylinders, both for front-end and underbody applications. The new Hyva cylinder is lightweight,  uses less oil and therefore tips and lowers faster and is still very strong, stable and  maintenance free.

All Hyva cylinders are fully tested before dispatch (pressure tests up to 1½ times working  pressure). Our customers all over the world acknowledge our reliability. The lSO 9001 standard held since 1991 is your assurance of optimum quality, safety and professionalism.

All FE cylinders are supplied with Top Clevis and chassis mounting Footmounts.

For the current range pf standard well-mount (FE) cylinders, download the brochure here.

Underbody Tipping Cylinders

Hyva offers a complete range of underbody tipping cylinders, with the option of top trunnion with ball and mounting plate or bottom trunnion with an eye.  Cradles for 3-Way tipping kits are also available.

For the complete range, please click on the relevant link below:

UCB Top Trunnion Underbodies

UCE Bottom Trunnion Underbodies


Power Take Offs

Hyva carries a huge range of power-take off units, suitable for any application  and any transmission.  Coupled to the extensive selection of pumps, valves, tanks and controls in the Hyva range, no lifting, loading, stacking or tipping problem can’t  be solved with the minimum of fuss and the most value for money.



Tipping Valves

Hyva offers a complete range of tipping valves to be used for different cylinder volumes. The PT 1220 & 2200 valve can be used for flows up to 220 litre per minute. The pressure settings are from 150 to 350 bar.

The PT-valve has fully interchangeable pressure cartridges, so you can adjust the pressure settings yourself.

Dual pressure valves are available as well. For smaller flows you can use the PT1140, the 3DHM or, if air operation is not available, the 12/24v electric range.

The Hyva PT 1220 & 2220 tipping valves are constructed with a pilot operated pressure relief valve with fixed pressure setting (by means of cartridges), which protects both the cylinder and the pump for overpressure.This tipping valve is also designed to allow proportional lowering, which is of main importance when lowering(half) loaded bodies. This tipping valve can be directly fitted to the Hyva oil tank, which reduces the numberof hoses and fittings and consequently the possibility of leakages.

The Hyva PT-valves & DHM valves can be mounted in line or directly on the oil tank. The PT-valve and the DHM-valve can be mounted on the same block. The PT-valves are operated by Hyva air control. The DHM valves are operated by cable control or by Hyva air control.

Hyva can also offer dual-spool proportional tipping valves in an variety of flow capacities.


Air Controls

Hyva offers a complete range of air controls to engage the power take-off and valves in your hydraulic system. The standard Hyva controls meet every local legislation with safety features such as the automatic P.T.O. disengagement. This control makes driving with an engaged P.T.O. impossible. The tipping controls are standard delivered with three positions; tip, lower and automatic neutral locking position.

The following controls are available:

Air control for P.T.O.
Air control for tipping valve
Air control for P.T.O. & tipping valve

They are available with or without spring return on Tip control. The control for P.T.O./valve has an automatic disengage on the P.T.O. switch as an option.

The standard controls are equipped with a warning light to show that the P. T.O. is engaged. Perfectly proportional lowering is possible in combination with the Hyva PT valve. Proportional lowering makespartially unloading ever so easy.

Detailed specification sheets are available on request.


Hyfix and Polyp Body Locking Systems

The Hyfix body lock system stops rattling of the empty tipper body on the chassis and prevents unnecessary damage and wear & tear to both the chassis and the cylinder, along with the advantage of reducing the noise nuisance.

The polyp gripping system is a low cost option, reducing vibration and cylinder wear.

Both systems are available in both steel and aluminium.

Please download the relevant specification sheet below:

 Hyfix Body Lock

 Polyp Gripping Device



Range of 12 and 24v powerpacks, 10 and 20 litre tanks available. Single and double acting available in 12v.

Single Acting
12v 10 Litre Tank
24v 20 Litre Tank
12v 20 Litre Tank
24v 20 Litre Tank

Double Acting
12v 10 Litre Tank
12v 15 Litre Tank


Hydraulic Oil Tanks

Hyva offers a complete range of state of the art oil tanks, both steel and aluminium.

The design of the tanks is fully adapted to the modern trucks and tractors and the  available tank supports, straps and profiles make fitting very easy. Our oil tanks are robot welded to secure the quality. Most tanks are equipped with a 10 micron air breather filter  integrated in the filler cap and an oil level indicator.

The optional return line filter has a 25 micron filter with an efficiency of 98,7%. To complete your hydraulic kit Hyva can supply all necessary components related to our hydraulic oil tanks like straps, nuts, tank supports, rubbers, vibration dampers,suction hoses, high pressure hoses, bolts, filler caps, adapters, ball valves and hose pillars (for straight and 90° mounting).

Hyva offers oil tanks for mounting behind the cabin on the chassis (RM) or on a cradle (CM), for side mounting (SM) and mounted by a top flange (TM). For each hydraulic system on all types of truck Hyva has a suitable oil tank, both supplied in steel as in aluminium. Hyva tanks are standard equipped with a 1½”BSPOT or 1½”BSPIT suction connection and a Hyva tipping valve mounting plate with a ¾”BSPIT connection.